Secure IT infrastructure with latest

“Virus don’t harm, ignorance does!”

This quote from the hacking community shows that computer security has to be kept up-to-date. Nowadays, internet security is much more than a firewall and needs to be considered holistically. With the invention of latest tools and technology marks changes in business and technical processes, as well as the way people work. According to the research and advisory company Gartner, traditional security approaches have had their day, but with the right partner by your side, you can approach the topic of security with peace of mind: we understand your challenges in this turbulent world and live modern security.

IT security has become a complex topic.

Attackers are constantly changing how they operate. 50 different types of attack have already been classified, and the number just keeps on increasing meaning that companies who want to arm themselves against all attack scenarios require elaborate security solutions.

Security tools & services

to secure your IT assets.

Secure your incoming and outgoing emails with rules and restrictions to prevent cyber attacks.

Penetration Testing

Analyzing Business Process, Weak Links, Vulnerabilities etc.

Wireless Security

Accidental association, Malicious association, Ad hoc networks, Man-in-the-middle attacks

Virus, Eavesdropping, Data modification, Denial-of-service attack, DNS spoofing

Web Security

Cross-site scripting, SQL injection, Path disclosure, Denial-of-service attack, Arbitrary code execution

EndPoint Security

Client Server Model, Software As A Service, Security Virus, Malware, Ransomware, etc.